3D Teeth from Micro-CT images

Our 3D endodontic models are inspired to micro-CT images and are manually optimized for 3D printing process.

Hard and Realistic Resin

Our models are 3D printed with a super-accurate 3D printing polyjet technology. We use a super-realistic hard resin to ensure the best endodontic training.

Choose your style...


We use a transparent resin that allows you to watch the canals during the training.


We use a white resin for a more realistic 3D endodontic training.


White crown and transparent roots to ensure a maximum training experience.

Resin Technical Features

Why 3D Printed endodontic models?

No more extracted teeth...

You will no longer have to worry about finding extracted teeth and their biological preservation.

Teeth withouth limits...

You can have an unlimited number of teeth to practice on. There is no longer a limit to the availability of teeth.

Customizable teeth

You can have teeth with customizable anatomies and with increasing training difficulties.

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