Choose your 3D printed realistic endodontic model.
We 3D print and deliver it in a few days!

Our 3D printing service is specialized in reproduction of realistic teeth anatomy! We use a High Resolution Stratasys® technology for 3D print our endodontic models hards and coloured resins.

The experience of our service and the quality of Stratasys J750 3D Printer allow us to obtain 3D printed teeth in high quality resin with perfect transparency of tooth and very small canals (0.25/0.30mm).


You can choose three different teeth's style: Full Transparent, Full White or Crown White and Root Transparent. There are no price variations between them!






Our hard resins are perfects for drilling operations and for contact with rotatory surgical instruments! Our resin resists high temperatures and does not create chips during milling.


Get a demo of our 3D printed teeth.

Order now a demo package that contains:

  • 2 First Mandibular Molar

  • 2 First Upper Molar

  • 2 First Upper Premolar

The price of demo package is € 25 (delivery costs excluded)
If you make a complete order in the future we will discount the cost of the demo package!

Demo Package - 6pcs

Demo Package - 6pcs


Customer Service:

Dr. Luca Borro - 3D Specialist
Via di Contrada Comune 159
00049 - Velletri (RM)
Phone: +39.328.30.93.519
VAT ID: IT12882901007
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