About us

3DEndoTrain is an Italian Project for dentists, student and endodontic trasineers.
The founder is Dr. Luca Borro, Biomedical Engineer expert in 3D for Biomedical field.


Our endodontic 3D Models are realistic reproduction of real teeth.


Inspired by micro-ct images we manually 3D model each single tooth to assure that it is compatible with current 3D printing processes.

Why should you buy a endodontic 3D printed tooth?

No more extracted teeth

To stop using the extracted teeth during your training sessions;

Repeatible Models

Because the 3D printed endodontic models can be produced in large quantities with high reproducibility

Hygiene and Safe attention

Because they are easier to managefor hygiene and conservation. You can order them “on demand”.

Those who have already used our templates say:

Dr. Richard Noslen

Good service and good products quality. The teeth are perfectly drillable and the resin is very similar to dentin.

Dr. Christian Kalantari Saghafi

Very professional service and Luca has been very helpful for me in choosing the correct product. Fast and excellent quality, would highly recommend