3DEndoTrain is an italian project for dentists and endodontic traineers.
The founder of the project is Luca Borro 3D Specialist expert in 3D in the biomedical field.

Our endodontic 3D Models are realistic reproduction of real teeth

Inspired by micro-ct images we manually 3D model each single tooth to assure that it is compatible with current 3D printing processes.

Our 3D files are completely editable with no copyright restrictions

Choose what you want:

Download the 3D file of tooth and 3D print it
wherever you want!

Order 3D printed
directly from

our web catalogue.

Why should you buy a endodontic 3D printed tooth?

Trust our 3D printing service to get professional endodontic models used by dozens of endodontic training centers around the world.

The reasons are:

To stop using the extracted teeth during your training sessions;

Because the 3D printed endodontic models can be produced in large quantities with high reproducibility

Because you can have completely customized endodontic models

Because they are easier to managefor hygiene and conservation. You can order them "on demand".

Customer Service:

Dr. Luca Borro - 3D Specialist
Via di Contrada Comune 159
00049 - Velletri (RM)
Mail: info@3dendotrain.com
Phone: +39.328.30.93.519
VAT ID: IT12882901007
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