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Dr. Luca Borro - 3D Specialist
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Maxillar First Premolar Difficult +

This package contains 3D .stl files of:

  • Maxillary First Premolar stl 3D model with closed occlusal plane
  • Maxillary First Premolar stl 3D model with open occlusal plane (pulpar cavity exposed)


Since you buy this model you are free to print it in any professional printing service around the world but note that this model can be print only with "Stratasys J750" 3D printer. Other 3D printer cannot print this teeth adequately.
But if you don't know any professional 3D printing service we suggest to print it directly with our official 3D Printing service Prototiplus! Prototiplus has the best 3D printing machines currently available on the market in Italy and will send you your models in a few days and with extreme quality.

3D print this model. Price:

  • Transparent resin: € 8,50
  • White resin: € 8,50
  • White crown and Transparent canals: € 8,50
  • Transparent with red canals: € 10,50


The minimum quantity available for 3D printing is: 50pcs. It isn't possible to print a lower quantity.

This costs exclude tax (22%) and shipping.
For order a 3D printed set of teeth please contact us now!


After purchasing process is closed the stl files will be immediately sent you by email


Our 3D models are optimized for 3D print with Stratasys Polyjet 3D printers.
We can't assure compatibility with your 3D printer and it is possible that your 3D printer can't print it because the canals are very thiny. If you need some adjustments to canal diameter (Payment Service € 25 for every canal's modify) please contact us.

  • File Format

    File format is: .stl

    Compatibile software: all 3D software, in particular MeshMixer and Rhinoceros

  • Delivery Methods

    The .stl file will be automatically delivered in your email after that you've conclused purchase process.

€ 20,00Price