Upper Central Incisor

Tooth Features

This tooth is inspired from micro-CT image but it is optimized for 3D printing process. 

Tooth Dimensions:

  • Apex Diameter: about 0.30mm
  • Apex To Crown: about 23,00 mm
  • Crown Width: about 7,00 mm

Tooth Style:

  • Pulpar Chamber: Closed
  • Pulpar Chamber: Open

Tooth Color:

  • Full White
  • Full Semi-Transparent
  • White Crown and Semi-Transparent Roots

Level of Difficult:

Medium Level

3D Printing Technique

This tooth will be 3D printed with Stratasys Polyjet technology with Special Hard Resin. Polyjet technology ensure the maximum quality of printing and very high resolution.

Material Features:

Resin Hardness:

This resin withstands temperatures up to 60 °C during dental processing and does not create chips.
It is not possible, to date, to perfectly simulate the hardness of dentin but the resins used for the 3D printing of this tooth are close to a good hardness for an optimal training experience.

Customization Service

Do you want to customize this tooth with a particular anatomy and sign it with your logo?

We design your custom canals anatomy!
Give us a sketch of your teeth with roots and canals…we do the rest!

These are the steps:

Prepare a Tooth Sketch

with a detailed roots and canals design. Then, send us the sketch

We 3D model your tooth!

With all the anatomical variations you want to make your model unique. We can add your initial or your small logo on teeth.

We send you your model

with your specific design and anatomy.

The customized tooth is exclusive your

and for nobody else.

If you need a tooth customization service please, fill the appropriate box in quote-module below! We send you a quote for this service as soon as possible.

How to Purchase the 3D Printed teeth models?

Times of Delivery

Delivery times vary based on the quantity of models ordered. Delivery times usually vary from 15 days to 30 working days. The exact delivery times will be communicated to you upon receipt of our quote.

Minimum Order

The 3D printing process is a complex process that requires the use of numerous resources. There are substantial fixed costs every time we start our 3D printers. For this (and other) reasons we cannot accept orders with fewer than 10 models.

Methods of Payment

It is possible to pay with:

- PayPal: the order starts at the time of payment;
- Credit Card (with PayPal website): the order starts at the time of payment;
- Bank Transfer: the order starts after 3/4 days from the payment.

Prices of Models

The prices of the models vary from € 8 to € 16 per tooth. To find out the price of the models you are interested in, please fill out the form below and you will shortly receive a personalized quotation with all the details of the costs.

Refund Policies

There is no refund for orders placed. If you want to try our products we suggest you to make a minimum order of 10-20 teeth to realize the quality. of our products.

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