Design your Tooth

Are you looking for a custom teeth anatomy?

Standard commercial tooth

Customization process

Here you've found the solution!

We design your custom canals anatomy!
Give us a sketch of your teeth with roots and canals...we do the rest!

These are the steps:

We design your custom root geometry!
All the anatomical variations you want to make your model unique

You can choose:

  • Morphology and geometry of roots;

  • Morphology and geometry of canals;

  • Diamater sections of canals in all points of tooth lengths;

  • Customized open access cavity;

  • Particular anatomic variations near or in the canals.

The customized tooth is exclusive your and for nobody else
You can insert your initials or logo on teeth if you want.

Prepare your tooth sketch
with a detailed roots and canals design. Then, send us the sketch!

We will send you the customized 3D endodontic model
with your specific design and anatomy. Exclusively yours!

Have you a tooth idea?

Buy the Customization Service and get your exclusive tooth design

Customization Service

Customization Service


Customer Service:

Dr. Luca Borro - 3D Specialist
Via di Contrada Comune 159
00049 - Velletri (RM)
Phone: +39.328.30.93.519
VAT ID: IT12882901007
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